Tuesday, July 08, 2008

El-P Releases Free Internet-Only Album

Radiohead may have popularized the give-away-your-latest-album-for-free business model, but, in recent times, it's hip-hop that's taken the baton and really ran with it. Artists like Atmosphere, Rhymefest, Girl Talk and The Cool Kids have gave it away, gave it away, gave it away, now.

Add to that list El-P, who last year put out one of 2007's best records, I'll Sleep When Your Dead. On his MySpace Blog, the Producto explains why he decided to give away disc one of his formerly tour-only We're All Going To Hell Megamix tape (of which this is the second volume):

...(T)o be honest i felt kind of bad not letting fans who weren't able to go to the shows hear this stuff.Also, for those lucky 500 who bought the limited pressings I am offering to replace any of the cds that may have been blank. Unfortunately I have heard that a small portion were, which sucks dick and makes me feel like an asshole at the same time. So in a bid to quell the justified pain and borderline rage some have felt popping in a blank cd please send your blank cd to Def Jux

115 South Oxford St.Suite 556
Brooklyn NY 11217
and we will send you a replacement of the cd only, keep your packaging. love, el

Read the full statement here here. Be sure that you do, because there is some key information in there.

As for the mix itself, it's mostly instrumental, but there are a few tracks where El-P is in more emcee mode than DJ. One of those is "Krazy Kings 3", which is posted at the top. Another highlight we've posted is "Fuck The Law", which we've done so because of the crazy sample that's featured prominently. For the rest, including one track that sample the same orchestral track that Lupe Fiasco's "Intro", from his Food and Liquor CD, sampled, go here

El-P MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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