Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Atmosphere Gives Away Free Album Online, Coins 2008's Best Album Title

(via Rhymesayers)

Download: Atmosphere - "Don't Stop" (from Sad Clown, Bad Winter 11)
Download: Atmosphere - "Full Moon" (from Strictly Leakage)
Download: Atmosphere - "The Things That Hate Us" (from Strictly Leakage)

Those of you who may have been disappointed with your Christmas presents can still count on the kindness of strangers (or, in this case, a well-known Minneapolis-based hip-hop duo) to help chase away your "winter doldrums". As a Christmas present to their fans and supporters, Atmosphere have pulled a Radiohead, giving away an entire album's worth of material for free on the group's webpage.

The group is calling the album Strictly Leakage and states, in typically self-deprecating fashion, that "(Leakage is) great for first dates, crappy houseparties, or to play in the backround while you google yourself again." Download Strictly Leakage here.

In addition to releasing new material for free, the band has, and will, put out music using more traditional means. Ant and Slug released EP Sad Clown, Bad Winter 11 last week, and you can listen to "Don't Stop", a track from said release, at the top of the post. But the news that is most exciting is that Atmosphere announced the title and release date for their new LP. When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold is due out on Rhymesayers on April 22, 2008. How awesome is that album title?

No word on a tracklist or any downloads from the upcoming release, but as soon as one hits, we'll let you know about it. Up top is the aforementioned Sad Clown download, a video of the duo playing chess by a fireplace, and two excellent, furiously funny tracks from Strictly Leakage.

Once again, download Leakage here.

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