Monday, May 12, 2008

Toki Wright Enjoys "The Best Week Ever" (Plus: New Blueprint EP Online)

Download: Blueprint - "Too Funkadelic"

As a way to promote his upcoming debut album, Rhymesayers reggae act Toki Wright has been compiling an audio summary of what he's been doing that past week. Relevant to music, of course. I'd doubt anyone would want to listen to the minutiae of Wright deciding which brand of sugared cereal to go with. Rather, it's a way for Wright to communicate directly with his audience and to share new music with them.

Perhaps Wright can explain it better:

The Best Week Ever (This Week in RAP History) is a weekly wrap up of current events in the World of Toki Wright (that's me talking in 3rd person). Every week you will be able to get some new music, new verses, new info, and every once and a while a guest star. The first installment is posted at or The track will be available for download for one week before it is replaced by the next installment.

Installment one has come and gone, but part two is still up at Wright's MySpace Page. About this, Wright says: "We had a pretty crazy week at home and abroad. What better way to sum it up than with some new music...The new joint has been posted and is sure to have people talking. If you missed last week's installment…don't know what to tell you except KEEP UP."

And keep up we shall. You can hear part two of Wright's "Best Week Ever" series by clicking here. You only have until the 16th, at which point a new installment will be uploaded.

In other Rhymesayers news, producer Blueprint has given away an entire EP worth of material away for free online. The EP, titled Blueprint Vs. Funkadelic, is inspired by the works of Funk Futurist/inadvertent inventor of hip-hop George Clinton. Listen to "Too Funkadelic" at the top of the post. Download the rest of the EP here. The cover art is very Hardcore Jollies.

Blueprint MySpace Page
Toki Wright MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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