Friday, May 09, 2008

CD Release Party: Polara at the Varsity Theater

Download: Polara - "Another Phase"

Like fellow Minneapolis-based psych-pop revisionists First Communion Afterparty, or Chicago's Airiel, Polara take sounds of the past--namely, the late 60s and early 70s--and reconfigure them for today's audiences. But unlike FCAP's purposefully structureless mind-and-sound expansions, or Airiel's sterling recreation of Creation (records, that is), Polara add a power-pop sheen which helps gloss over any druggy inspirations. Concordantly, that slickness helps make Polara less exciting or dangerous as they should be, though they remain competent enough tunesmiths. Oasis fans should be thrilled. The trio will be celebrating the release of their CD, Beekeeping, out now on Susstones records, at the Varsity Theater.

Tickets are $10 for an 18+ show.

Polara MySpace Page

Disclaimer: A writer for this blog has worked publicity in the past for The Alarmists

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