Tuesday, May 06, 2008

MTV News Interviews Death Cab for Cutie about Narrow Stairs

Download: Death Cab For Cutie - "I Will Possess Your Heart"
Download: Death Cab For Cutie - "405" (Acoustic)

In addition to your heart, it would seem that Death Cab for Cutie also possess many articulate statements about switching from indies to the major label, making records in general, and the creative process as a whole. In promotion of Narrow Stairs, frontman Ben Gibbard gave an interview to MTV News about the aforementioned topics. Read the article here, or watch the video at the top of the post.

One statement in particular caught my eye. About bands switching from indies to majors, and why doing so usually ends up as a disaster for both parties, Gibbard said:

"We weren't going to be that indie band that signs to a major label and gets really precious about everything, or decides that we want to go about our lives the way we did when we were on Barsuk [Records], and then wonder why we didn't sell any records. That's usually the end of 'indie band signs to major label': things don't happen the way they wanted it to," he continued. "Because nine times out of 10, people don't want to do the work. We said to ourselves, 'We're going to do all the work, all the touring, all the press,' and that's what we did."

Seven word rebuttal: Husker Du on "The Joan Rivers Show". Another six word rebuttal: The Replacements on "Saturday Night Live". Furthermore, it's not like those bands decided to make atonal free jazz once they jumped their erstwhile indie homes. Indeed, The Mats made two of their best records, Tim and Pleased to Meet Me, while on a major label, Sire. And what did Sire do to promote these albums?


If that's not work, I don't want to know what is.

Narrow Stairs is out a week from today.

Death Cab for Cutie MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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Blogger Fat & Sassy said...

I'm sure you all already know this, but the entire album has leaked. I don't mean the velveteen leak, I mean the real thing. You guys should check it out and write a post about it. As far as I can tell very few blogs have written a piece on the leak so far

10:06 AM  
Blogger Lauren Mendoza said...

Have you heard about this? Death Cab is going to be featured on a half hour behind the scenes mini documentary on Current TV tomorrow, Thursday 5/8 at 10:30pm Eastern and Pacific. It will highlight the band preparing to go on tour, recording and performing their first few shows. It looks awesome! check out this video to get an idea.


It will also be online anytime after thursday here:

Thought I'd let ya know!

4:10 PM  
Blogger ng2000 said...

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6:54 PM  

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