Monday, May 05, 2008

New Deerhunter - "Winter Never Stops" (Plus: New Atlas Sound EP!!)

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After a brief hiatus of sorts, activity has started to pick up around the Deerhunter camp. The band has added a new guitarist, Whitney Petty, and you can see her in action by watching her play on a new song, presumably one that has been demoed for the Atlanta-based psych-punk group's forthcoming Microcastle record. The track is called "Winter Never Stops", and its a song that, even in acoustic form, is highly reminiscent of The Beatles, as well as Bradford Cox's previous material. Despite the stripped down setting, I can hear the ambient touches that the band will undoubtedly add already.

Additionally, Cox made a new Atlas Sound EP available for download directly from his blog. It's called The Things I Miss EP, and it's all about the stuff that Bradford gets homesick for while he is recording. For instance, "My Car", the first song from the EP that you can listen to at the top of the post.

Download it here.

Deerhunter MySpace PAge

(Jonathan Graef)

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Anonymous H.S. said...

Thanks for pointing out the new Atlas Sound EP. Good stuff!

2:28 PM  

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