Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Baby Guts - "Drag" (Plus: New Album Info)

Download: Baby Guts - "Staplegun"
Download: Baby Guts - "Drag"

MPLS punk trio Baby Guts make the kind of music that is so filled with glorious, righteous anger that it just might put the fear of God into you. Since that anger comes with a fuzzed-out guitar and banshee howl vocals, the group has earned a lot of comparisons to (riot)girl groups such as Hole, Bikini Kill, and Call The Doctor-era Sleater-Kinney. Those frames of reference still apply to "Drag", the new single from the trio's upcoming record The Kissing Disease, the release date of which, May 29th was announced through the group's website a couple weeks back. We're quite excited. Here's the tracklisting of the record:

1. Badmouth
2.Tiny Cuts
3. Shark Teeth
4. Asbestos/Esophagus
5. Firetruck Vagina
6. Tarantula
7. Rum & Coke
8. Bedsheets
9. Hamster Bite
10. Dispelled
11. Meat + Gesture
12. Medusa, Stomach Acid, Brain Cancer
13. Drag
14. Cricket Lung

I, for one, am highly curious as to what a "Firetruck Vagina" entails. We will find out soon enough, though. As stated before, The Kissing Disease comes out May 29th via Guilt Ridden Pop

Baby Guts MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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