Monday, May 12, 2008

New (and Old) Mudhoney - "I'm Now" and "In 'N' Out of Grace"

Download: Mudhoney - "I'm Now"
Download: Mudhoney - "In 'N' Out of Grace

In a lifetime, 20 years old is nothing. However, in the context of the music business, 20 years might as well be 4 million years in Narnia, assuming that this Caspian fellow isn't just pulling my leg. Trends and styles come and go, but one pattern in music is certain: everything old becomes new again, albeit in a way that's slightly off-kilter--or, conversely, blander--than what came before. So, despite the fact that what was once local, community-oriented music with leftist politics that fused the aggressions of both metal and punk became a marketing sensation, it started out with humble enough beginnings. But that approach may be coming back. Grunge pioneers Mudhoney are not only re-issuing their seminal debut Superfuzz Bigmuff, but are also kicking it new style by releasing their latest effort, The Lucky Ones, on the same day. Check out MP3s (including the remastered "In N Out of Grace") from both releases at the top of the post.

Mudhoney MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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