Monday, March 10, 2008

Tonight: Travis Morrison Hellfighters at 7th Street Entry

Download: Travis Morrison Hellfighters - "Sixteen Types of People"
Download: Travis Morrison - "As We Proceed"
Download: Travis Morrison - "What's Your Fantasy?" (Ludacris cover)

Give Travis Morrison credit for getting out of bed, let alone keep making music, after the infamous 0.0 review that Pitchfork gave his first solo album Travistan. (I guess the 'Fork giveth and the 'Fork taketh away). Not only has the Virginian-born musician preserved after such setbacks as the aforementioned diatribe and the dissolution of his previous group, the justly beloved indie-funk gods The Dismemberment Plan, but papa got himself a brand new band called the Hellfighters, with whom Morrison put out his second solo album, All Y'All, last year. The album continues the eclectic, borderline-kitchen-sink approach to songwriting and music-making that Morrison took to Travistan, but with a greater focus to the erratic guitar lines, spastic electronic touches and groove-heavy beats.

Travis Morrison Hellfighters will bring their idiosyncratic muses to 7th Street Entry (no doubt the ideal venue for listeners to back der azzes up) for a 21+ show. Tickets cost $10 and can be bought at the venue.

Travis Morrison Hellfighters MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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