Friday, March 07, 2008

First Communion Afterparty Post New Songs on MySpace

(pic via MinnPost)

Download: First Communion Afterparty - "It Goes To You"
Download: First Communion Afterparty - "The Mini Apple"

Before they head out to perform what will surely be a rockin', life-changing set for the festival-goers at SXSW, Minneapolis psych-rockers-cum-neo-hippies First Communion Afterparty have posted four new demos on their MySpace page--those being "Green Turns To Gold", "It Goes To You", "Lyra", "Muse" and "Like A Fire". That's a lot of music, for sure, but if all goes well for the band--as well as any other MPLS/St. Paul group who travels down to Austin--curiosity about their music will surely be piqued. Gotta hit them with their best shot, no?

As for the tracks themselves, "Green Turns To Gold" has a little bit of a Jefferson Airplane-covering-Norwegian-Wood feel to it, with a chanty lead vocal and a sitar being prominently featured. There's also a nicely kaleidoscopic jam at the end; Meanwhile, "It Goes To You" should please fans of The Brian Jonestown Massacre (a small note: I have to question how "new" this song is, seeing how I found a demo of it on FCAP's old website); "Lyra" starts off with a sitar and keyboard fueled intro before trailing off into more atmospheric and textural territory. "Muse" is the kind of song which would have fit in nicely on the Easy Rider soundtrack between "The Weight" and "Don't Bogart Me"; And finally, "Like A Fire" (the best of the bunch, IMO) neatly uses abrupt transitions to create a sense of psychedelic euphoria and confusion. It's also the most potential for being a straight-out sing-along classic.

Stream all of the songs at the band's MySpace Page, linked below.

First Communion Afterparty MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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