Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mates of State Cover Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy"

Download: Mates of State - "Crazy" (Cover)

This is a pretty great cover. If you listen after "I Like You Crazy," the dyno-duo break into the Gnarls Barkley cover. Pretty cute.

Mates of State on MySpace

(Ian Anderson)



Blogger Shaunie Sharper said...

hey guys! awesome choice of music, I love mates of state. Think Long. I don't know how to contact you individually, so I am resorting to this lame comment. I am from Minneapolis and host a music collective of electronic genres... Check us out at

perhaps we could do some cross blog promotion...

hope all is well.


5:04 PM  
Blogger MPLSFR said...

Shaunie -
I'm not sure how to set that up, but try giving Ian a holler. His email is Thanks for reading!


2:16 PM  

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