Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pitchfork Launches Online Music Channel in April

If video (read: The Music Television) killed the radio star, then what has the web done for stars who got their fame via videos? Beaten them senseless and stuffed their bodies down a wood-chipper? Sure, that'll do as a tasteful metaphor. Adding the carnage will be venerable online indie-music webzine Pitchfork who, on April 7th, will launch Pitchfork TV, the self-described "first-ever music video channel dedicated to documenting independent music as it happens." Additionally, the website is referring to the venture as "the music channel cable never gave you." Actually, that's quite hilarious. Tip of the hat to the 'fork.

Not only will the channel have original content such as "mini-documentaries, secret rooftop and basement sessions, full concerts, exclusive interviews, and...carefully curated...music videos" but will also "become the first online video channel to screen full-length feature films, vintage concerts, and music DVDs free of charge." So if you wanted to watch something like Instrument streaming from an online music channel, now you can.

From the lips of indie-babes:
This content is just the beginning. With one of the web's largest, crispest, and highest-resolution displays, Pitchfork.tv truly invites full-screen viewing. And, with all content available on-demand, we're putting you in control of the music you want, how and when you want to see it. Soon, we'll add personal playlist capabilities, so you can watch all your favorites in a row. And later this year, as part of a massive redesign effort, Pitchfork.tv will integrate with its parent site, presenting innovations and further advancements to the world of online music journalism.

Like Pitchfork itself, Pitchfork.tv is an independent company with no investment dollars or special interests, allowing us the freedom and control to stay true to our creative vision. We've waited decades for a music channel that respects our intelligence and reflects our ideals. Now that the technology is here, we're finally able to do it the way that people who really care about music have always wanted to see it done.

Shit, now I'll never find a job.

(Jonathan Graef)



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