Friday, February 08, 2008

Playlist For CityScene 2008

Friday, February 8th

Download: Red Fox Grey Fox - "Up With Mittens, Down With Gloves"
Download: Fort Wilson Riot - "The Birds Turn Violent"
Download: Seymour Saves The World- "Love Song"
Download: First Communion Afterparty - "Twenty Five"
Download: Estate - "Drink To Your Dreams"
Download: Parachutes Fail - "Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades"
Download: Dave Avid - "Love Kills Slowly"

Saturday February 9th

Download: Dance Band - "Pedal Power"
Download: Vampire Hands - "Opium Typhoon"
Download: The Slats - "Teena"
Download: A Night In The Box - "Tom Sawyers and Lawyers"
Download: Charn - "Happier Than Me"
Download: The Glad Version - "Cruelty of Modern Life"
Download: A Paper Cup Band - "Camelback Blues"
Download: Daughters Of The Sun - "Whale's Blood"
Download: Terry Eason - "Renegade Stone"
Download: The 757s - "1981"

There are a whole lot of shows taking place this weekend, all of them excellent. But as far as bang for your buck is concerned, and as far as experiencing lots of local talent in one place, it's pretty hard to beat CityScene 2008. The festival, a smorgasboard of the finest independent bands and acts that the Minneapolis/St.Paul area has to offer. The fest consists of 24 acts in 2 nights, and it takes place from 6 p.m. until whenever The Loft closes. Tickets are $18 dollars for a two-day pass and $10 dollars for a one-day pass. The first 100 2-day passes will have a special feature wherein the ticket holder can pick 1 band from CityScene and receive a downloadable copy of their set from the festival. CityScene is an 18+ event and tickets can be bought here.

For a full line-up, visit the City Scene MySpace Page . To hear MP3s of many of the acts participating, scroll back up to the top of the post.

City Scene MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

Disclaimer: Some of the acts participating in City Scene 2008, including Red Fox Grey Fox and A Night In The Box, are on Afternoon and Say Rah Records, in which one of this blog's writers have a financial interest.

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