Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tonight: Ouija Radio At The Turf Club

Download: Maps Of Norway - "Manners"
Download: The Chambermaids - "Park"
Download: Ouija Radio - "Today Is Our Last Tomorrow"

Judging from the news on the Ouija Radio website, things are winding down a little bit for the post-post-punk quartet, at least on the musical front. But before the band members go back to their...what are they called again? Lives? Yeah, that's the ticket. Before they go back to their lives, they'll be doing some rockin' on the hometown front. Said rockin' includes tonight's show at the Turf Club with Maps Of Norway, The Chambermaids and The Jacobins.

Coincidentally, three out of the four groups playing tonight are either working on, or getting ready to write, new material. Maps Of Norway are currently recording new material, Ouija Radio will be writing their follow-up to Oh No...Yes! Yes! during 2008, and The Jacobins are working on material to put on an upcoming EP. So no matter what time you show up, you'll undoubtedly be amongst the first to hear exciting new music from local groups.

Show starts at 9, is 21+ and will set you 5 bucks. Listen to music from three out of the four groups at the top of the post.

Ouija Radio MySpace Page
Maps Of Norway Myspace Page
The Chambermaids MySpace Page
The Jacobins MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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