Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Prozac Rat - "Bald Spot"

Download: Prozac Rat - "Everbody's Livin'"
Download: Prozac Rat - "Bald Spot"

Music fans who like their soundscapes on the genre-bending, eclectic side should head on over to the Turf Club tonight to hear a Minneapolis-based duo Prozac Rat. Self-described small town cousins, Noah Daniel Smith and Mr. Dietr (it's just that) have been writing songs together since they were in high school and, according to their own account, have written some 375 songs.

Of course, they probably are yanking our collective chain, but when the results are as fascinating as "Everybody's Livin'", a track which touches upon radical bases like Tom Waits, Man Man, Captain Beefheart, amongst others, then most people will probably feel compelled to go for the ride. (This is especially the case when the song reaches its sing-along, singer-songwriter conclusion.) Ditto "Bald Spot" which sounds like Beach House's "Gila" remade as a funk track.

Lord knows what the band's live show is like, but it's probably amazing. See for yourself tonight at the Turf Club. Doors are at 9 and the show is 21+.

Prozac Rat MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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Blogger Mr. Dietr said...

Hey! A friend pointed us to your blog, and we're terribly flattered by your review of our band. Plus, the rest of the blog is freakin' awesome. One might say it fucking rocks. Regardless, keep up the lovely work, and we hope to see you at some shows sometime soon.

Peace out,

Mr. Dietr

2:32 PM  

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