Thursday, January 10, 2008

Band To Know: CoCoComa

Download: CoCoComa - "(Tryin' To) Read My Mind"
Download: CoCoComa - "Premonition"

Besides having one of the most awesome album covers of last year (which provides the image at the top of this post), Chicago garage-rock band CoCoComa have also delivered an incredibly tight album of whip-smart anthems for those who are frustrated with the jobs, their significant others, and their lives. CoCoComa was released last month on Goner records.

It's a shame that High Fidelity has already been made into a movie, because CoCoComa would have been the perfect soundtrack. Singer/drummer Bill Roe, who makes up the trio along with his wife Lisa (guitar) and bassist/farfisa organist Mike Fitzpatrick, howls lyrics like "If you can't read my heart/how can you read my head?" in the ferocious song "(Tryin' To) Read My Mind" while the rhythm section propels forward like an unholy juggernaut.

That's unquestionably the highlight of the record, though "Premonition" and "Desperate Situation" are close seconds. The band doesn't have any MPLS dates coming up, but if they do, we'll let you know, because CoCoComa put on an incedinary live show.

Buy CoCoComa here

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(Jonathan Graef)

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Blogger Lisa said...

Hey! My (and Lisa's) last name is Roe!
Thanks for the awesome review!
We gotta get up there soon!


7:59 PM  
Blogger MPLSFR said...

Bill -
So, so sorry! (Slaps forehead) The correction has been made.

Actually, I live in Chicago (Ian, who started the blog, lives in MPLS. Hence the name). I saw your band at the Empty Bottle on Dec. 10th with The Dials, which is where I picked up the record.

But you should definitely play in MPLS - the Triple Rock Social Club is a great place. It's like a Schuba's/Beat Kitchen kind of thing--a small-ish venue that also serves great food.

Check it out here:

Thanks for reading!


11:43 AM  

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