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Band To Know: Sybris - "Oh Man!"

Download: Sybris - "Best Day In History In Ever" (from Sybris)
Download: Sybris - "Breathe Like You're Dancing" (from Sybris)
Download: Sybris - "Happy Birthday America"
Download: Sybris - "Oh Man!" (via P4K)

Not to sound like Jon Q. Derrierbaisent, professional asskisser, but Chicago-based indie label Flameshovel Records has been having a hell of a year. In 2007, they've put out great records by the likes of The Narrator, The Race and Mannequin Men. Judging by the quality of "Oh Man!", the first track released from Chicago "newgazers" Sybris' forthcoming full-length Into The Trees, both the label and the band should be in high spirits come 2008.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Sybris are a Chicago band. They've been playing together since the Spring of 2003, when a chance encounter at a local bar lead to a jam session which consisted of "sonic gluttony". From there, the quartet created a sound which blended the youthful, rambunctious energy of punk with the more serene sounds of shoegazer. In 2005, the group released their kid-tested, Pitchfork-approved self-titled debut album for which they toured constantly over the next two years.

During that time, Sybris also managed to record a follow-up at Pachyderm studios, the Cannon Falls, MN, studio where Nirvana recorded In Utero and PJ Harvey recorded Rid Of Me. That album, as mentioned before, is titled Into The Trees and will be released in the spring of next year.

A few days ago, P4K posted and reviewed "Oh Man!" on their website. The track starts off with a guitar part which is both droney and melodic, like Goo-era Sonic Youth with a steadily shuffling beat anchoring the music. It's all pretty, upbeat and straightforward, song structure wise, until the band abruptly slows down into a more atmospheric section before roaring back to conclude the song with an enthused last rendition of the main refrain. Sybris may be the ones wanting to go find some shade in the trees, but if this track is any indication of what the band has in store for next year, they'll have many other people wanting to keep them company under the branches.

Listen to "Oh Man!" at the top of the post, as well as two songs from their self-titled debut and a 4th of July-themed B-Side from earlier this summer.

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Anonymous Cookies said...

I just saw Sybris last night here in Milwaukee and I loved them. I googled them and found your blog. Now I'm kicking myself for not picking up their CD at the show. There was no one manning the merch table. These downloads really helped. Thanks.

10:59 AM  

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