Thursday, December 06, 2007

Math And Physics Club - "A Marshmellow World" (Special Darlene Love Cover For Christmas)

Download: Math And Physics Club - "Baby I'm Yours"
Download: Math And Physics Club - "A Marshmallow World"

Twee-poppers Math and Physics Club cranked up the class for their cover of "A Marshmallow World." The song was originally sung by Darlene Love and was released for Christmas 1963. I hadn't heard this song for years, and MAPC's mellow pop sound expresses just the right amount of sweetness for this song.

On a sad note, MAPC announced via their official website that violinist Saundrah Humphrey will no longer be touring with the band.
Saundrah joined the group in the summer of 2004.

Quote the MAPC:
Though she may still pop up on future recordings, she will no longer be playing live with the band. Anyone who’s seen us knows that Saundrah added a touch of class to our otherwise shambling performances...

Buy MAPC music here.

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(April Wright)

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Anonymous AJH said...

I was totally just dancing to that song in a store in Kobe the other day. And then a foreigner looked at me funny and I felt weird (even more than normal).

8:47 AM  

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