Friday, September 14, 2007

Salon Interview with "Leave Britney Alone!" Guy

So watch this for some context.

Then read this interview with the guy over at Salon. It's a fairly interesting read and proves that the guy was being serious or at least is doing an incredible job of pulling the wool over everyone's eyes (I doubt it though).

But when I first watched the clip, I couldn't help but think of David Cross' routine about President Bush's rhetoric regarding how terrorists hate our freedom: "...I hear George Bush say 'the terrorists hate our freedom.' You know what? I hate our freedom. Little ol' me, an American! I hate it! That's all we've done with it?"

Seriously, "lost hope for humanity".

Speaking of lost hope for humanity, here's a classic Cross bit about an ad he saw on television for electric scissors:

Download: David Cross - "Women, Please Rinse Off Your Vaginas And Anus!"

(Jonathan Graef)

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