Monday, June 04, 2007

Les Savy Fav is the Future of History, Now

I have had a torrid love affair with Les Savy Fav since 2000. I have often cited these Brooklyn-based miscreants as my "single most favorite band ever ever ever." If you have heard me say such a thing, I was not lying.

Last week, their faithful and equally as dubious record label (Frenchkiss Records), which so happens to be owned and operated by LSF bass player Syd Butler, released the first single - "The Equestrian" - off of Les Savy Fav's forthcoming album, set to be released this fall.

Now, I've been waiting for a new track off of this record for some time, so I am understandably excited. So, here are a few of my favorite tracks from their entire catalog to honor this moment and also to entice you to go out and buy all of their albums. Now.

Download: Les Savy Fav - "The Equestrian" - Forthcoming Full-Length
Download: Les Savy Fav - "Raging In the Plague Age" - Plagues and Snakes
Download: Les Savy Fav - "Knowing How the World Works" - Inches
Download: Les Savy Fav - "Disco Drive" - Go Forth
Download: Les Savy Fav - "Hide Me From Next February" - Rome EP**
Download: Les Savy Fav - "J' Taime" - 3/5
Download: Les Savy Fav - "This Incentive" - The Cat and The Cobra

**My favorite LSF song and release.

Les Savy Fav on MySpace
Frenchkiss Records - Buy Stuff Here

(Ian Anderson)



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