Monday, February 12, 2007

The Foundry Field Recordings

Download: The Foundry Field Recordings - "Warning Raids Over Kiev"

The Foundry Field Recordings released their debut full-length Prompts/Miscues in June 2006, but I haven't met anyone who has actually heard this great record. FFR had a steady stint on the CMJ charts, but this sleepy gem passed by quietly without anyone noticing.

Obvious influences Built to Spill and Modest Mouse are there, but the Foundry Field Recordings work within the standard genre of indie-riff-rock to make something a bit more fresh and artful. Much of this is due to lead singer Billy Schuh's completely captivating voice -- you know the type: the kind that makes you put down your drink at the bar and interrupt conversations.

"Warning Raids Over Kiev" is my favorite track off the record. It begins with a great dissonent build that turns into a Pixies-esque guitar line before switching gears into a great vocally-driven groove. I'm afraid to liken them to Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (they're both from Columbia, MO -- okay, Boris is from Springfield, but close enough), but FFR has captured an equally-as-cool living room feel that really works for this track and the album in general.

They made a less sonically pleasing, but still cool EP Fathers As Robots in 2005 that is also worth picking up. Check out their MySpace page for details.

(Ian Anderson)


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