Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Miho Hatori - ECDYSIS

Download: Miho Hatori - "Barracuda"

Miho Hatori's new record "ECDYSIS" caught me completely off-guard. I've always been familiar with her work with Cibo Matto and that one Smokey guy - and have always liked them. But to be honest, I never really thought they got out of the whole New York indie scene thing enough for me to really pay attention to what they were doing.

Hatori's new disc first caught my attention at Treehouse when it first came in. I spun the record in the store two or three times over the weeks that followed its arrival, and I always wanted to listen to it when I came in next. So, I caved a bought the album and have yet to regret it.

The first track that really hooked me was "Barracuda," which is the hot track on the record by a long shot. Most of the album is a bit on the random side (which is actually pretty cool in the case of Hatori), but this snuck its way into my subconscious. The Murder City Devils meets Lifter Puller meets Sex in the City organ line immediately calls for attention, and then Hatori's super cute Bjork-ish voice seals the deal. The song has a samba-esque beat that is rather infectious and even moves my white ass to dance a bit.

Over the course of the album, Hatori leaves her Bjork influences behind and embraces some surprisingly exotic beats - she even incorporates spoken word with some smooth city-beat music. Enjoy!

(Ian Anderson)


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