Monday, January 22, 2007

Christians and Lions

Download: Christians and Lions - "Stay Warm"

I've been wanting to write about Christians and Lions ever since their amazing record "Gimme Diction" hit the streets - which so happens to be one of the best unsung records of 2006. I actually met the brothers grimm Sam and Ben Potrykus almost three years ago when they were in Sharp Teeth, having connected with these Bostonian fellows through a mutual friend and we instantly fell in band love.

The comparisons to Bright Eyes will never stop, but we should all try. These guys have so much raw power and purity - that's right, I said purity - that their sweet and soft songs are almost magical in their originality and stark honesty.

I first saw them perform at a last-minute summer gathering at friends house in St. Paul as Sharp Teeth. Although they weren't as functional as they are now in this new incarnation of Christians and Lions, but Ben and Sam's talent were undeniable. Later that summer, I saw a breathtaking performance in their Boston home. About 30 indie kids were wedged tightly in an awkwardly shaped hall/basement area at the bottom of their two-story house in Braintree, Mass. I could tell simply by the look in all of the nervous indie kids' eyes that they knew what I knew: these guys were fucking sweet.

This is "Stay Warm," my favorite song off the record - it's just so damned cute. If you dig it, for sure order "Gimme Diction" through their myspace page here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey man, i love christians and lions. however, just for accuracy's sake, the record is called "more songs for dreamsleepers and the very awake." "gimme diction" is only a track from the record, not the record title itself. good stuff!

10:24 PM  

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