Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Last weekend, Target Market were in town to play a few shows, particularly a show at the Triple Rock on Saturday at my birthday party. Whilst in town, Nathan of Target Market (lead singer) and I had a heated conversation in regards to "Dreamgirls," the new Jamie Foxx/Beyonce movie. He loved it, I didn't. But I did love something: Beyonce. She killed it.

Nathan continued to explain to me is deep-rooted love for Ms. Beyonce and I caught a glimpse into his world of diva-love. Suddenly, I was inspired.

So, like you do, I went out and bought one of her records. Being fairly foreign to the R&B world, I just grabbed one that had a song I recognized, "Crazy In Love." Turns out, that is the only good song on the whole damn album -- which was nominated for a grammy mind you. One good song. That's it. WTF?! Understandably, I was incredibly disenchanted. Forlorn even. It doesn't stop there.

I then purchased the new Riahanna record because that "S.O.S." song is totally the shit. Turns out, only good song on the whole damn album.

Honestly, where do you multi-platinum selling artists get off making crappy records?


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