Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Motion City Soundtrack/Hold Steady/Velvet Teen/Cardinal Sin

This last weekend I saw Motion City Soundtrack for the first time and was very impressed. I know many of you groan when I start to talk about pop-punk, but these guys are a bit different - a little more authentic. Not to mention that they write damn catchy songs. Anywho, inspired by the show, I wrote a feature-length review of the their last record Commit This To Memory and got an interview with Justin Pierre (the lead singer). So, once I'm finished, I'll put that up.

On Tuesday, I interviewed the Hold Steady which was, well, awesome. They will be in Minneapolis on Oct. 24 and 25 and I will put up a review of the record with the interview earlier that week. I caught Craig and Tad right after the Twins game, and man, Tad was worried because he knew Craig would be in a bad mood all night because of the loss. Hilarious.

I also finally picked up the new Velvet Teen record Cum Laude at their show last night at the Triple Rock. It's pretty good, although it will be hard to tear me away from their earlier records.

Tomorrow night is the Cardinal Sin's Last Show Ever. I cannot stress enough the ultimate coolness of this band. If you haven't heard them before, definitely check out the show tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 9 at the Triple Rock), they will be missed.

Lastly, prior to that show, I will check out Ben Kweller's in-store performance at the Electric Fetus, so I'll have some words about that next week.

Until then, go buy the new Hold Steady record.


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