Thursday, February 08, 2007

These guys are GAY...GAY BEASTS!

Download: id politic

Gay Beast make magic marker music. Smashing together broad blasts of neon-pink punk guitar and spastic drums, the band's songs are wobbly and chaotic chunks of red-hot rawk. The vocals leave a little to be desired, but you don't listen to a band like Gay Beast and expect some Celine Dion style vocal acrobatics. No, you listen to a band like Gay Beast when you want to inspire blood-splattering bedlam. To tell you the truth, I don't know much about this Minneapolis-based band's backstory, and their myspace doesn't exactly help. This is the information they offer: "SHIFT!!!!! Minneapolis. big gay stopping yes/no/yes starting music lives. touch it and it touches back!!!!!!!!!!!! Crack the unicorn horn open and spread the marrow on your chest. It's the only cure for a broken heart."

There you have it; Gay Beast is the best cure for a broken heart. Expect more from us on these guys later. Until then, you can check out the band's website and listen to some dope tracks, like id politic.


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