Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Muja Messiah Wins City Pages' Best Hip-Hop Artist

City Pages recently announced its Best-Of for the Twin Cities. First off, congrats to Culture Bully for winning Best Local Blog. Second, another big congratulations to Muja Messiah for winning Best Hip-Hop Artist. Here's a sample of the City Pages write-up:

The Twin Cities' reputation as fertile grounds for underground hip hop is well-deserved and hard-earned, and it has resulted in a number of classic albums. But we could always use more hip hop that hits the streets and clubs as hard as it hits the headphones, and Muja Messiah spent most of 2008 emphatically claiming that sprawling turf. After dropping the buzzed-about MPLS Massacre mixtape last March—where his collaboration with M.anifest resulted in one of the best tracks to rock the "Paper Planes" beat—Muja Messiah kept his momentum going strong with Thee Adventures of a B-Boy D-Boy...

To read more, go here.

Muja Messiah MySpace Page

(Jon Graef)

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Blogger jon jon said...

word up! I was soooo surprised by this one. glook City Pages,

MPLS we go hard.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

cheers - thanks Jon!

11:51 PM  

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