Friday, April 10, 2009

Kristoff Krane To Play Soundset 2009, Releases New Songs

Kristoff Krane announced earlier in the year that he's due to release two new EPs in the late April/early May, one as himself, and one as ABZORBR, his more atmospheric, but similarily hip-hop alter-ego. Now, Krane has revealed, via MySpace, that he's posted a few new tracks from both EP3, the ABZORBR release that sees the light of the digital-only day on May 23rd, and from his EP as Kristoff Krane, Picking Flowers Next To Road Kill.

The song from Kill, "Leave The Summer," is a sparse number, with an acoustic guitar, and a soft, skipping beat straight out of trip-hop. Krane's flow is a bit reminscent of Lupe Fiasco's. The other tracks, from EP 3, are a little heavier, both musical and lyrically, with Krane experimenting with distorted textures, church organ, and a minimalist, almost dystopian take on hip-hop. Listen to the tracks on his MySpace, then congratulate him on making the Soundset 2009 lineup.

Kristoff Krane MySpace Page

(Jon Graef)

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