Friday, April 10, 2009

Halloween, Alaska - "The Hollywood Sign"

Download: Halloween, Alaska - "The Hollywood Sign" (via)

I've been curious about new music Halloween, Alaska ever since Ian put them in the list of Best Releases for this past week. We've been waiting for this record since January, and, so far, it seems as if the band has delivered on the anticipation thrust upon them. By way of Sound Verite comes another track from their Tuesday-released Champagne Downtown. "The Hollywood Sign" starts off like vintage-Death Cab (when they had the facts, then made their decisions accordingly), but then adds lush, countrypolitan harmonies before a tempo shift adds intriguing dimensions to the song structure. Listen to it and the top of the post.

See the band play tonight:

Chris Koza and Aby Wolf
Fri. April 10th
First Avenue

Halloween, Alaska MySpace Page

(Jon Graef)

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