Friday, April 24, 2009

Film Girl Mix #1: A Mix For The Kids

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Our resident film-square-girl, Alyssa Kleven (see our live footage), was recently asked to suggest a few kid-safe tunes for a friend that had grown weary of listening endlessly to Hannah Montana overhead while she worked at her day job, teaching art to four-to-eight year olds.

Just a few songs? Well, she might have gone a little overboard. Grab a swirly straw and a juice box and enjoy over the weekend.

*MP3: The Go! Team - "Junior Kickstart"
*MP3: Alphabeat - "Fascination"
*MP3: Yo La Tengo - "Mr. Tough"
*MP3: The Beatles - "Octopus's Garden"
*MP3: Belle And Sebastian - "The Blues Are Still Blue"
*MP3: Tegan and Sara - "Hop A Plane"
*MP3: Röyksopp - "Happy Up Here"
*MP3: The Flaming Lips - "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song"
*MP3: Georgie James - "Henry and Hanzy"
*MP3: The Morning Benders - "Patient Patient"
*MP3: The Shins - "Young Pilgrims"
*MP3: I'm From Barcelona - "Jenny"
*MP3: Mates Of State - "Ha Ha"
*MP3: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltisn - "Oregon Girl"
*MP3: Weezer - "Island In The Sun"
*MP3: Smoosh - "Find a Way"
*MP3: One for the Team - "Best Supporting Actress"
*MP3: Voxtrot - "Raised By Wolves"
*MP3: Badly Drawn Boy - "Around the Block"
*MP3: Simon and Garfunkel - "59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)"
*MP3: Brian Wilson - "Song For Children"
*MP3: Panda Bear - "Ponytail"
*MP3: The Owls - "Peppermint Patty"
*MP3: Coconut Records - "Summer Day"
*MP3: Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal"

(Mix by Alyssa Kleven/Words by Ian Anderson)



Blogger Michael said...

nice mix, alyssa

4:08 AM  
Blogger Alex Drake said...

hah, I love the idea of "kid-safe" mix!
great choices. me like a lot...

10:25 AM  

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