Monday, March 09, 2009

Tonight: Women, Bouncer Fighter @ Triple Rock Social Club

Download: Women - "Black Rice"
Download: Women - "Group Transport Hall"

Women MySpace Page
Bouncer Fighter MySpace Page


In addition to Women and Bouncer Fighter, two fine bands in their own right, be sure to get to the Triple Rock early in order to hear Whitesands/Bandlands. Like fellow locals Zoo Animal, they specialize in making slow, fuzzy dreampop, but they also use that strong foundation as a launchpad for polyrhythmic, incrementally pretty prog-rock.

Okay, this band is totally fucking awesome. This officially became an not-to-miss show (which I have to, what with the living in Chicago--no slouch in its own right--and everything).

Who do I have to murder to get an MP3 file?

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Blogger Jake said...

love this band, too! great live.

but it's "whitesand/badlands," no extra "s" on whitesand. the mistake has been made many times... including on the flier.

1:53 AM  

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