Monday, March 09, 2009

Brother Ali Releases "The Truth Is Here," Is Reviewed On Pitchfork

Download: Jake One - "The Truth" (feat. Freeway and Brother Ali)
Download: Brother Ali - "Truth Is..."

If you've been over to Pitchfork this morning, then you've undoubtedly seen their sleeker, slicker website design. And, what do you know, one of the first records they've reviewed after unveiling the new design is MPLS emcee Brother Ali's The Truth is Here EP, which sees proper release tomorrow. The venerable independent artist website bestows a 7.4 on the record, not a bad score at all. Here's the lede:

If you want a striking glimpse at one MC's potential future, listen to Brother Ali's celebratory day-after reaction to Barack Obama's election on the web-released "Mr. President (You're the Man)"...Coming from a rapper who made his name on social contemplation, righteous anger, and battle-rap vengeance, Ali's joy and (guarded) hopefulness in the humbling face of history resulted in a rare but revealing moment of optimism. Question is, how much of that's going to carry into his subsequent work?

Read the rest here.

Though Ali might have conquered the likes of Pitchfork, he'll probably have an easier time meeting up with his fellow Rhymesayers labelmate Atmosphere tonight at the label's special Artist Meets Artist concert. That show promises several collaborative sets between the Twin Cities most notable hip-hop acts. Click for more details here.

However, if you're more inclined to see an artist in their own (fifth) element, then all you need to do is wait a day. Ali will be performing a free in-store over at the Fifth Element record store tomorrow to celebrate the new EP.

Watch the trailer for the EP at the top of the post.

Brother Ali MySpace Page

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Blogger jon jon said...

Of Course Bro Ali killed last nite at Artist Meets Artist show, his joint with Freeway "The Truth" is gangsta...Mpls we go hard!

9:49 AM  

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