Monday, March 02, 2009

MFR Exclusive: Anni Rossi Tour Diary, Feb. 9

*MP3: Anni Rossi - "The West Coast"
*MP3: Acid King - "2 Wheel Nation"

I am very excited to have the always wonderful Anni Rossi here on MFR for the next few weeks. She will be sending in exclusive diary entries from her current tour and mix tapes of what she's been listening to in the van.

"Sunday Feb 9

Today kind of sucked, but it's ok now. Whitman (chris payne) picked me up at 9 because we had a show in Tucson tonight. It was about a 10 hour drive. We played in an old airplane hangar which was pretty cool.
Luckily I had a sweet cd that my friend Anglina burned for me before I left Chicago. She DJ's around chicago sometimes. One night I heard this one song she had played and

I was like:

"what is this?!"

and she's like:

"it's black sabbath you idiot"

We listened to the BS album Master of Reality all the way to Tuscon. It pretty much saved my mood and passed the time away. We were hosted by a nice guy named Eric who is in a metal band. Once we started talking about my new love for Black Sabbath

he was like:
"you HAVE to check out this band acid king. it's like black sabbath but with a female singer"

we listened to it the next day on our way back to phoenix and it was not like that at all. it didn't need to sound like black sabbath for me to like it, but it wasn't my thing. I didn't like it. it sucked"

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