Friday, February 27, 2009

MFR Exclusive: Anni Rossi Tour Diary, Feb. 7

*MP3: Anni Rossi - "The West Coast"

I am very excited to have the always wonderful Anni Rossi here on MFR for next few weeks. She will be sending in exclusive diary entries from her current tour and mix tapes of what she's been listening to in the van.

"Friday Feb 7

Played in Long Beach tonight. It was a a bookstore called "open books". Whitman and I were in traffic for a long time and made it just in time for our own sets.
After the show the promoter took us to the best taco place ever. I had their specialty crispy potato tacos. I always forget how good the mexican food is out here. I've already had about 17 burritos and i've been here about a week."

here is a recap and some honorable mentions of some stuff we listened to on our SW tour.

*MP3: Black Sabbath - "Planet Caravan"
*MP3: Justin Timberlake - "Damn Girl"
*MP3: Kanye West - "Heartless"
Nicole Kidman (new unreleased cdr of upcoming album)
*MP3: Coconut Records - "West Coast"
*MP3: Acid King - "2 Wheel Nation"
*MP3: Gowns - "White Like Heaven"
*MP3: The Zombies - "Sticks and Stones"
*MP3: The Beatles - "Two Of Us"
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (untitled cdr)
MetalMags (myspace songs)

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