Friday, February 13, 2009

New Hunting Club - "Yours Truly"

Download: Hunting Club - "Yours Truly" (via Gimme Noise)

Also going on tonight is the Rockit Monkey Concert series. Tonight, the series will be showcasing a fair amount of good MPLS talent, including Hunting Club, who released a demo to City Pages the other day. Their psychedelic guitar tones at times recalls early 90s groups like Ride or Swervediver, but on the whole, the band sounds closer to the post-punk revivalists of the early aughts--with vocals a little on the Titus Andronicus side. I also get a little bit of a Shins thing at the end of the track. Check out "Yours Truly" at the top of the post.

Hunting Club MySpace Page

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Anonymous Rap Music said...

Not my style .. but props to the music

1:37 PM  

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