Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Daughters of the Sun - "Gong The Divider"

Download: Daughters of the Sun - "Gong the Divider"

Easily, one of the most eagerly anticipated albums on my part is the new album from MPLS psych-freakout experts Daughters of The Sun, whose 2007 release, Visions of the Ocean Head, was one of my favorites of that year. Listeners got a sneak peak of their new LP, titled Rings, last fall, when the band stopped by the Radio K studios to play all new material. Early this morning, Modern Radio, via their newly established Twitter, released the first MP3 proper from Rings, a mid-tempo bit of kaleidoscopic rock called "Gong the Divider." Upon first listens, it hasn't blown us away in the same manner that "Light as a Feather..." or "4 am Astral Projector" did, but any band and label that decides Wednesday morning is as good a time as any for a minor free-jazz sax freak-out are absolutely A-OK in my book.

Check out "Gong the Divider" at the top of the post. Rings is out in April.

Daughters of the Sun MySpace Page

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Blogger James said...

wait 'til you hear their title track

1:28 PM  

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