Monday, December 22, 2008

Solid Gold Release New Mixtape, Get Written Up In The Guardian

*MP3: Download: Solid Gold - "Who You Gonna Run To"

We were a bit surprised when Decider Minneapolis said that synth-pop trio Solid Gold was a "bigger success overseas than in its hometown," but a recent write-up in UK newspaper The Guardian seems to serve as a coincidental back-up for said claim. UK critic Paul Lester has been writing about a new band every day for the past 455 days straight. Band 454? You guessed it: Solid Gold. I bet you had to strain your brain figuring out that one.

About the band, Lester says:

It may be late in the year, the time when record companies slow down, but there will be no drop in quality round these parts. Solid Gold are as good as anything we've heard in a while. They make downbeat dance music, sad synth-pop, melancholy club tracks, which might sound like a contradiction in terms but not to those of you who have, over the past 25 years, appreciated artists from Pet Shop Boys to Junior Boys.

Pretty apt comparisons, I should say. You can read more of Lester's write-up here.

Additionally, the band has posted the DJ Mix from its November gig at the Nomad World Pub over at its MySpace Blog. In addition to local talent like Mystery Palace, the mix also features nationally known acts. Check it out there.

Bodies of Water is out now. Listen to "Who You Gonna Run To?" at the top of the post.

Solid Gold MySpace Page

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