Sunday, November 23, 2008

STNNNG To Have A Summer Bummer in 2009 (Plus: A Shit-Ton of Modern Radio Updates)


In a post yesterday, the Modern Radio label announced a flurry of activity for 2009 including, but not limited to, a re-release of Vampire Hands' excellent sophomore album Me and You Cherry Red (a sure contender for local best-of lists) with the out-of-print EP Cuz Its A Beach Funeral. Furthermore, a new spring tour is in the works, and will release material in March 2009 on the Secretly Canadian imprint St. Ives.

As far as other new albums are concerned, the debut from His Mischief will see release in February. The label doesn't give anymore information, but says that details will be forthcoming. With STNNNG's new 12" though, we get a completion date and a tentative title: "late Spring/early Summer" and Summer Bummer, respectively. The label also promises amazing artwork, which, you have to admit, is something for which there is at least a precedent.

At the risk of neglecting the other details mentioned, we direct you to the Modern Radio mainpage to read more.

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