Sunday, October 05, 2008

Video: New The Killers - "Spaceman" (Live on "SNL")

In contrast to the synthtastic, club-ready "Human", new song "Spaceman" fits more into The Killers brand of New Wave revivalist rock that made Hot Fuss such a big deal with listeners. Apparently, you can only mine Springsteen territory for one album. "Spaceman" is not as wonderfully melodramatic as "Mr. Brightside", but there's still a reasonable amount of anthemic charms to be heard; not a song to convert detractors, nor to rally the converted.

Watch the band perform the new track, presumably off of the upcoming Day and Age record, on late night stalwart Saturday Night Live at the top of the post. And watch it while you can. NBC is cracking down on YouTube vids.

Watch "Human" below as well:

The Killers MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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Blogger Jon said...

Spaceman is such a better Killers song...

10:13 PM  

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