Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tonight: Jeremy Messersmith CD Release Party @ The Varsity Theater

(Jeremy Messersmith - "Miracles")

Jeremy Messersmith's gentle, folk-addled pop music recalls another artist who cribbed quite a bit from the George Harrison-penned Beatles songs--Elliot Smith. (Although,strangely enough, "Light Rail" nicks the guitar lick from "Ob la di, ob la da"). But those who'd automatically conclude that Messersmith must be derivative can have all the fun they want resisting tracks like "Franklin Avenue", with its sighing-then-soaring harmonies provided a thrill-worthy chorus. It still won't change the fact that Messersmith is a talent worth serious consideration. And that's before you hear the left-field electronic curveball of "Miracles" (just added to his MySpace Page). Again, the reference point is an obvious one (the electro-emo of the Postal Service). But Messersmith has such a readily apparent gift for melody and arrangement that arguing, let alone resisting, with its originality seems futile at best. His new album, The Silver City, has been out for a few weeks now, but will be celebrated at this show tonight.


Jeremy Messersmith
The Owls
Rachel Ries

Varsity Theater
18+ show

(Jonathan Graef)

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