Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Music Smorgasbord: The Killers, Golden Hands, Crooked Fingers, and more!

Download: Golden Hands - "Blood"
Download: Golden Hands - "Communist Party"
Download: Crooked Fingers - "Phony Revolutions"
Download: Lukestar - "White Shade"
Download:The Whispertown 2000 - "Done With Love"
Download: Star - "Turning It On"
Download: The Killers - "Human"

Several noteworthy MP3s have crossed my path, and I thought I would make a smorgasbord playlist from it. So here it goes: first off is two MP3s from Golden Hands, both of which hark back to country-pasts; "Communist Party" suggests a fuzzed-out "Maggie's Farm. Next up is Crooked Fingers' Latin-tinged, baritone sax heavy "Phony Revolutions", which strangely resembles Marc Antony's 1999 hit "I Need To Know"; Pavement-esque Lukestar, with their laid-back track "White Shade"; Chicago dream-pop band Star, with a girl-group indebted song from their upcoming sophomore album Violence Against Star; and The Killers, who release a song called "Human", a synth-heavy track that sounds like it could soundtrack the end credits of a terrible anime.

Listen to all of the songs at the top of the post.

(Jonathan Graef)

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