Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Black Blondie - "Hunger"

Stream: Black Blondie - "Hunger"

Last time Black Blondie posted new music on their MySpace Page, they were in the midst of what relationship expert Slug might call drama addiction with "For The Taste". But with all of the emotional ambiguity, the band was still able to rejoice with a potent blend of trip-hop rhythms and fantastically abrupt transitions that recall a gospel Fiery Furnaces. This time, with new song, "Hunger", the emotions are darker, for a while at least. "Hunger" starts out with a glum, dissonant chords on the piano, with a solid beat anchoring the proceedings. But, like in "Taste", there is a radical stylistic that suggest the down-on-her-luck narrator isn't about to give up the possibility of emotional transcendence.

I'm not gonna tell you when it comes, of course. That would be spoiling the surprise. Instead, head on over to their band's MySpace Page, so you can hear for yourself why Black Blondie is one of the most promising bands in Minneapolis do what they do best.

In other Black Blondie news, the band will be opening up for Climbing Poetree on October Fourth (as already mentioned below)

Who are Climbing PoeTree? Good question.

(Climbing PoeTree - "Hurricane Season")

Show Details:

Black Blondie
Climbing PoeTree (BROOKLYN)
Black Audience
Carpscale Orchestra
DJ Shannon Blowtorch

Pi Bar
2532 25th Ave. S. MPLS, MN

Black Blondie MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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