Friday, September 12, 2008

Saturday: Prof and Rahzwell "Get Drunk 2" @ The Dinkytowner

September, 13 2008 at DRUNK 2!!!
14th and 4th SE, MPLS, Minnesota
Cost : $5

Ahhhhhh.... you know what it is. DRUNK 2. If you were at the first one, you saw rahzwell throw up in a bucket. You saw Prof consume over 15 drinks in an hour and a half, then forget every song. This here is history in the making. Come get Prof and Rahzwell Drunk. Dont miss number 2.

I think its ok for these guys to hassle the hof. Just a little bit.

Prof & Rahzwell MySpace Page

Download the Kaiser Von Powderhorn mixtape here.

(Jonathan Graef)



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