Friday, September 12, 2008

Kanye West Out Of Jail

Here's yesterday's footage of Yeezy's arrest due to tangling with paparazzi, an event you've now doubt heard about by now. However, it would now appear, based on a post on Kanye West's blog, that he is out of jail, in the studio, and normally "cool with the paparazzi". West then stated that the guy who took his picture wasn't cool, hence the explosion. Because paparazzi are normally so respectful and granting of space. Read the Twitter-style post here. (h/t Idolator)

In music related news, Nah Right posted a mastered version of Kanye West's single "Love Lockdown", from his upcoming fourth album 808s and Heartbreak. Listen to it here.

Download: Kanye West - "Love Lockdown" (via)

Kanye West MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barack Obama and George Bush have something to say about Kanye West. Check out the video here,

12:37 PM  

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