Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Music Smorgasbord: Future of the Left, Times New Viking, Solange, and More

(Times New Viking)

Download: Fucked Up - "Twice Born"
Download: Future of the Left - "The Hope That House Built"
Ani Difranco -
Download: Big Sty - "Shoebox Money"
Download: Times New Viking - "Call and Respond"
Download: Solange feat. Wale - "Fuck The Industry" (Remix) (via)

Behold! Another smorgasbord of music. Featured items here include the vocoder-tastic "Shoebox Money" by rapper Big Sty; a newly released pop gem from Future of the Left; and a surprisingly funk-tastic (think Morris Day and the Time) track from Ani Difranco. Check them all out at the top of the post, and tell us what you think!

(Jonathan Graef)

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