Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ice-T - "Six N The Morning"

Just posting this one for the hell of it. Also, because of the fact that the events portrayed in this song are wildly different than what I was doing at six this morning. What was I doing, you ask? I had just started my six-mile run, in order to train for the half-marathon I'm running in September. Which, as an activity, is about as gangsta as listening to re-runs of Prairie Home Companion. Although, to be fair, there was that one episode where Guy Noir pistol-whipped Dusty and Lefty for not getting him his coke money when Noir asked for it. That was pretty gangsta.

Also, sorry for the non-stimulating visuals, but this was the only copy of the song I could find.

Read about Rhyme Pays, the album on which "6 N The Morning" appears, here

Ice-T Website

(Jonathan Graef)

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