Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Rhymefest - "Make Love" and "Exodus" (Live)

(Rhymefest - "Make Love") via Nah Right and Always Hustle.

(Rhymefest - "Exodus") via Nah Right and Always Hustle.

Chicago rapper Rhymefest, who in 2006 put out one of the year's best albums, Blue Collar, recently debuted two new tracks at the Save Darfur Now concert at UCLA. Always Hustle got video of the performances, and Nah Right reposted it. As for the quality of the songs themselves, both which will likely surface on El Che, Fest's upcoming sophomore album, the second seems to be much, much better than the first, with Fest spitting some truth about the the fragility of life in "Exodus". Although, maybe "Make Love" is supposed to be satire and I'm misreading it. Still, you gotta like the fact that he references both Skype and Okayplayer in the same track.

Watch both videos at the top of the post.

Rhymefest MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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