Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Deaths Post New Songs on MySpace

The Deaths have posted three songs on their MySpace Page, each one taken from their latest release, Centralia. The band, whose brand of psychedelic indie-pop recalls seminal groups like The Beatles and Pink Floyd, and even more contemporary examples like Air (though without the ambient influences), put out Centralia in April, but if you haven't been able to pick it up until now, heading over to the group's 'Space is the best opportunity to hear the new music. The songs are called: "Peter Duncan", which is very Meet The Beatles, music wise; "To The Start", which begins with ominous organ sound before settling into a mid-tempo groove which highly recalls Pink Floyd's "Breathe"; and, lastly, "It Takes Time", which kicks off with a minor-key riff doubled by bass and guitar before settling into another Beatles influenced pop verse.

Hear all of the songs on the band's MySpace page. Listen to "Stay", one of the better tracks from Centralia, at the top of the post.

span style="font-style:italic;">Centralia is out now.

The Deaths MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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