Friday, May 16, 2008

Tonight in Minneapolis: Parts For All Makes, The Haves Have It

With guitars and drum sticks blazing, indie-rock threesome The Haves Have It played to a packed crowd at Hexagon in late March in honor of their first full-length album, Friction – expect a similar experience when the band plays tonight at the Uptown, opening for Parts For All Makes’s CD release party.

Friction contains a lot of fan favorites that have been in THHI repertoire for a few years, like the haunting, moody "Dark Dark" and angsty, guitar-heavy "Burnsville." However, the band also cranked out a few new tracks for the album, like the harmonious and echoing "Tow Tag." Friction is one of those no-fuss, no-muss first albums. The kind where you instantly know that the band isn’t going to conform to what is stereotypically popular in indie rock, or in any other genre for that matter. It’s simply The Haves Have It: 2 girls and a boy who know who they are and put it out there for all to hear.

THHI were in raucous form for the show, the trio was full of smiles when they took the stage and sounded as if they’d blow the top off the bar (in a good way). The show definitely proved these guys definitely own a unique sound that is original to them; each member existing in every moment of music, creating a tripod of how rock and roll should sound.

Portia belted out the anthem "Pie" (about the food or the body part? You decide!) much to the amusement of the entire room, causing a spontaneous chain of bouncing to the guttural bass strumming from Jenny Gallup and Kelly Pollack’s drum thumping. After playing a majority of the songs from Friction and a few others, THHI thanked the audience profusely for all their support. Looking back to a sea of people that reached as far back as the outside doors, it was pretty apparent we were thanking them for their continued awesomeness. Expect nothing less at the Uptown tonight.

Uptown Bar:

Parts For All Makes MySpace Page
The Haves Have It MySpace Page

(Tara Rogan)

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