Monday, April 07, 2008

Video: The Dodos Play Live on NPR's "The Bryant Park Project"

(The Dodos - "Fools" - Live on NPR's Bryant Park)

(The Dodos - "Red and Purple" - Live on NPR's Bryant Park)

The Dodos, unlike their namesake, keep flying along at a stealth fighter-like speed, and for very good reason. Their second album, Visiter, which was released last month, is unequivocally one of the best records of the year and one that more and more people are surely hearing everyday. As of yesterday, those new people included listeners of NPR's "The Bryant Park Project". The propulsive psyche-folk band performed two songs from their stellar second record (here's my review: A-), those being first single "Fools" and album track "Red and Purple". The audio on the drums is unforgivably muted (what the deuce, NPR!?), but the quality and creativity in the songcraft still manages to shine through despite any perceived technical setbacks.

Listen to the podcast here

In other Dodos news, Stereogum debuted another Visiter track called "Ashley". The track is more reflective, and almost like a lullaby in its gentle quality, but with a little more forceful percussive angle. Listen to it here:

Download: The Dodos - "Ashley"

Buy Visiter here or at your local record store.

The Dodos MySpace Page

(Jonathan Graef)

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